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Natural Mosquito Repellent

There are different types of natural mosquito repellent that peoples' around the world recommend. Some varieties of natural mosquito repellent may only work in one region or country others may work everywhere. Some examples of a natural mosquito repellent are lemon juice, lemon grass and citronella, all of which smell like lemons which mosquitoes seem not to be able to put up with.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

These days, many people are trying not to use chemical products and are looking around for natural alternatives. This trend also extends to the use of insecticides and insect repellents although there are perfectly safe chemical repellents on the market.

One of the most popular uses for insect repellents is the deterrence of mosquitoes and so natural mosquito repellent is big news. The most popular methods of deterring mosquitoes for the last twenty years or so is to use DEET and / or Permethrin.natural mosquito repellent

These are both chemicals. DEET is made to be applied directly onto the skin and is effective for about five ours, while Permethrin is used on clothing and will remain active for about six weeks despite washing your clothes.

Permethrin is actually a synthesized form of pyrethrum which comes from the seed pod casings of the plant of the same name, which is a chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium).You may be able to find this natural mosquito repellent in creams and lotions in health food shops or alternative stores or if you are very adventurous you could try making your own in a stone pestle and mortar or by soaking the crushed seeds in a neutral oil.

Eucalyptus oil is another, probably more easily obtainable natural mosquito repellent. You would also be able to use these oils on your pets, especially dogs. If you live in a climate where there are eucalyptus trees, you could also try rubbing the fresh leaves directly on to your exposed skin.

My particular favourite type of natural mosquito repellent is the group that smells of lemons. Mosquitoes really hate the smell of lemons and anything that resembles that smell, like citronella and lemon grass. When I lived in Europe I grew masses of citronella. I had a potted citronella plant on every window cill.

They grow very easily from cutting and give off a powerful lemon smell when they are disturbed, by a breeze for example. I also used to collect the fallen leaves and put them in my pillows and cushions to keep the airspace mosquito-free.

Keeping a few lemons in the fruit bowl will also add to the general smell. You can squeeze the lemons and use the juice as a short-term natural mosquito repellent. It will probably need re-applying after thirty minutes. It also seems acceptable to dogs. My dog will not have chemicals on his snout, but he does not mind lemon juice or lemon oil.

You should be able to buy lemon oil or essence of lemon otherwise grate your lemon skins and add them to a neutral aromatherapy oil to make your own.

You can do the same with lemon grass, if your country is hot enough. Lemon grass grows everywhere in Thailand and it is a natural mosquito repellent - mosquitoes hate its smell even more that I like its taste in Thai curries.



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