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Hand Held Bug Zapper Units

You will find hand held bug zapper devices on this website offered by all the top suppliers and plenty of information to help you decide which indoor / outdoor cordless rechargeable bug zapper is right for your requirements.

Hand Held Bug Zapper

The hand held bug zapper is the best way of clearing your immediate vicinity of insects, especially the flying ones such as mosquitoes without using repellent. The hand held bug zapper vaporizes anything from a mosquito to a midge instantly on contact with the electrified wire mesh with a pleasingly loud, electronic 'zap'!

However, this is not to say that the hand held bug zapper cannot be used outdoors as well as indoors, so long as it is not raining. It should be treated like any other high voltage electrical equipment. Keep these hand held bug zappers dry and definitely do not use while you are standing in the pool!

Models of this type of electronic insect killer vary greatly, but there are basically two types of cordless rechargeable pest killers: the battery operated bug zapper and the rechargeable electric bug zapper. Both are equally effective at frying bugs and work on the same electronic principle.

The hand held bug zapper has the same sort of design as a 'junior' tennis racquet, but with three sets of 'strings', which are in fact wires. The central network of wires becomes live at the touch of a button while the other two networks, one on either side, are earths. It is portable, cordless and excellent for personal protection as an insect killer without the use of mosquito repellent.

When an insect is caught between the wires of the hand held bug zapper, it creates a short, which evaporates it instantaneously with a loud crack. The hand held bug zapper will kill other insects like house flies too, but they tend to burn rather than explode.

I have been using the cordless rechargeable type for five years and am extremely satisfied with it. In fact, the electric zapper has come a long way in the last few years. A fully charged indoor bug zapper is powerful enough to last for several hundred swipes and will hold it's charge, if unused, for weeks without any appreciable discharge.

The battery recharge pack will take intensive use for the best part of a year, although its ability to hold a charge for longer than a few days gradually diminishes after six or seven months.

The most recent hand held bug zapper I have used has a main on/off switch, a light that comes on when it is activated (the brightness of this light also gives an indication of the strength of the battery) and a light that comes on when it is plugged in for recharge.

The instructions say that it should be recharged for sixteen hours. I usually put it on charge over night once every week or two, although the hand held bug zapper shows a marked increase in performance with only a couple of hours charging.

The latest version also comes with a powerful beam called a 'headlamp'. I have found this very useful when out in the garden, but I'm not sure whether it's meant to attract the mosquitoes in the dark so that you can zap them if you're bored. A bit like an Angler Shark.

I have used the headlamp on my hand held bug zapper for that too, but the light uses a lot of battery. All in all, the hand held bug zapper is a big asset to any outdoor event. The hand held bug zapper is useful to 'clean out' your bedroom before retiring; it's unbeatable for evening mosquitoes and it will clear a table of wasps at lunch too.



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