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Fighting Beetles - How To Protect Your Cigars

Many people like beetles and some of them are even protected by law, but there are others that are a real nuisance. In this context I mean weevils and other sorts of six legged bugs as well. They get into food supplies such as flour and meal and they sit around under boxes or the fridge like cockroaches do. I have to admit that I am not too keen on beetles.

Fighting Beetles - How To Protect Your Cigars

This article is about the Tobacco Beetle or Cigarette Beetle or Cigar Beetle, more technically referred to as Lasioderma Serricorne. This beetle can ruin your favourite cigarettes, tobacco and cigars and they have no respect for quality. They will attack shop-bought cigarettes and Cuban Havana cigars alike.

When tobacco is processed, the tobacco beetles are filtered out or poisoned, but usually they will have laid eggs before then. This is quite common, but if the eggs survive fumigation or poisoning, they can hatch out after the cigarettes or cigars have been sold. These beetles live all over the world, wherever tobacco is produced.Fighting Beetles - the tobacco beetle

The eggs hatch into larvae and the tobacco beetle larvae eat tobacco, creating holes in the cigars or cigarettes, which renders them unsmokable. This is obviously more important, the more expensive the tobacco product is. The larvae are about a quarter of an inch long and so leave quite large air holes.

If your cigars have been infested, you will soon know it, because they will look like woodworm has been at them. There may even be a few 'maggots' crawling about or a few dead moths. This is obviously a serious problem in a collection of good, treasured cigars.

So what can you do to make sure that your treasured cigars or cigarettes are not going to be ruined? Well, there is a home remedy and it is quite easy to carry out. It will also have very little affect on the taste of the cigars, but you might like to do it before the beetles' presence becomes evident.

The surprising household tool that you can use is the kitchen microwave. I can hear cigar aficionados draw a breath of horror, but I am assured that this treatment is perfectly safe. It goes like this.

First, take all the cigars out of the box and remove the maker's bands. Then put them all together in the microwave together and fry them on a low heat for two to three minutes. It sounds radical, does it not?

Before they are cool, place the cigars in the deep freezer for twenty-four hours and then allow them to thaw at room temperature.

Put them back in the humidor and leave them for another day to return to normal before smoking. I am sure that you do not trust this method of fighting the beetles, so alter the time in the microwave and try it on one or two of your precious cigars first to reassure yourself. I am sure that aficionados will not know the difference.

By the way, you can use the microwave to kill all manner of infestations of insects such as bed bug eggs in clothing and slugs eggs in soil.



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