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Electronic Bug Killer Units

You will find excellent electronic bug killer devices on this website offered by all the top suppliers of outdoor and indoor bug zapper units and tons of information to help you pick one. The portable electronic bug killer and the mains powered / cordless rechargeable bug zapper are very convenient for use everywhere without using mosquito repellent.

Electronic Bug Killer

Here, you will find suppliers of power grid electronic bug killer devices. We offer a broad choice of models of electronic insect killer and a broad choice of manufacturers of electronic bug killer devices too, which will enable you to enjoy your evenings on the patio or in the garden bug-free. Some models are excellent for both indoors and lawn & garden use as they are excellent insect killer units.

These electronic bug killer units attract bugs and other flying insects from the area around you and kill them instantly and humanely on the electrified power grid. Furthermore the electronic bug killer does not use environmentally-damaging insecticides and consumes very little electricity, so you can use it for protracted periods of time without feeling at all guilty. The electronic bug killer is silent, only giving off a blue glow and a sharp, electrical ‘zap’, when an insect is being electrocuted.

The electronic bug killer is especially effective against flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, midges and gnats. In fact, any insect that is attracted to light. However, before the bugs can get to the light, they have to pass through the filling field of an electrified power grid, which will kill them for sure.

Electronic bug killer devices usually look like a lantern. Some models are very stylish and give off a continuous, pleasant glow. These electronic bug killer units use about 15 watts power at peak and so are not a drain on the environment or your budget. They are protected against intrusion by larger animals such as birds, bats and moths by a non-electrified grill.

Hang the electronic bug killer on the patio or in the garden by its ring out of reach of children and pets. Suspended at 6-7 feet above the ground, it is in the perfect position to attract bugs and dispose of them. If you do not have mains power out there you could use an outdoor cordless rechargeable bug killer which offer excellent pest protection against flying insects such as mosquitoes.

Electronic bug killer devices come in various shapes and vary in the power they use. Some claim to be able to clear an acre of land of flying insects. That is some claim, but Honeywell make it for their Stinger and they give guarantees to back up their claims.

Flowtron is another very serious product that can clear wide areas of mosquitoes. It is the easiest to maintain, because the electrified mechanism only has vertical bars, which allows the dead insect to fall into a tray. Most electronic bug killer devices have an electronic wire grill and the horizontal wires sometimes stop the dead insects from falling down.

The Sunbeam bug killer called the Stinger, is a well-respected mosquito killer that is powered using the included mains lead or adaptor for added convenience, making it great for indoor / outdoor cordless use.

My personal favourite is the hand held bug killer because it is more interactive - you strike the insect like a tennis ball with the power grid. It is a fantastic portable bug zapper. However, if you just want to sit in the garden and chat, the other, more powerful, lantern-style electronic bug killers are better, because they are of the set-and-forget variety.

The great thing about electronic insect mosquito killers is that you do not have to put mosquito repellent on your skin and you do not have to remember to renew it every few hours. The electronic insect killer is a very viable alternative to mosquito bite creams.



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