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Common House Flies

The house fly is a common flying insect which is found all over the world but is mostly in warmer climates because it is ideal there for their growth. It is an insect with 2 weeks of breeding cycle and lays as many as approximately 500 eggs at a time.

Common House Flies

The maximum life span of common house flies is four weeks. Because of such breeding behavior, its population increases many fold within a short space of time, if supplied with appropriate conditions.

Sitting on piles of manure and spoiled food like eggs, fruits, flesh etc, house flies serve as one of the most common means of transferring germs to human beings and other animals. common house flies

These pests equally like to sit on fresh and rotting food, hence becoming a source of significant illnesses. A single leg of this insect carries millions of harmful germs which are the agents of significant illnesses to human beings, jeopardizing their health. They transfer numerous parasitic, viral, and bacterial diseases.

Whilst in large numbers, these small pests can be a serious problem for residents of that area. To be rid of common house flies is more difficult and more challenging because of the domestic disposition of these bugs.

It does not matter that these are also flying bugs just like mosquitoes, we can’t use the same methods to kill them because flies are bigger in size and are found around food. It could get very hazardous to use pesticides on the flying pests to kill them.

If we do so, it could poison our food and the region too, resulting in serious health hazards. They can be killed by striking them with a fly swatter but this course of action is also risky and awkward because it is impossible to kill a large number of flies like that.

It can also become very unpleasant to see them dead in front of you, especially while you are eating. Instead of targeting the mature flying pests, we ought to target the breeding places of these flies.

In order to do that, it is vital to know where the house fly lays eggs. Mostly it lays eggs on dead and decaying organic material. Its eggs are whitish in colour and the larvae or maggots are  yellowish.

Examine your environment to establish which places could be appropriate mating and breeding areas for common lies such as places where there is waste or faeces. Cleanliness is the first step to take in action against these bugs.

It is  practical to use some pesticides to kill the larvae and pupae of these insects together with the adults. It will reduce the chances of growth in numbers of these flies. Rather than simply throwing your garbage out, always process it before throwing it away.

Always keep it covered and never let it be a place for such pests to feed and grow on. You ought to always dispose off your rubbish with proper care. The likelihood of suffering from health issues by such insects can be greatly reduced if we make a little effort to keep our environment clean and hygienic.

There are also items that you could use to kill adult house flies like sticky paper hanging from the ceiling or shelves, although they may be unsightly and the electric fly traps that attract common house flies with a blue light and kills by electrocution.



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