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Electronic Insect Killer Units

You will find relevant information on electronic insect killer devices on this website with useful advice on the top electric devices and their suppliers so there is plenty of information to help you decide which one is right for your requirements whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor electronic insect killer devices, hand held or hanging pest killer devices for the patio, lawn or garden.

Electronic Insect Killer Units

Welcome to our website on electronic insect killer units. Here you will be able to find suppliers of all kinds of electronic insect killer devices to suit your needs. Our wide selection of types and manufacturers of electronic insect killer devices will enable you to enjoy your evenings free of bugs both indoors and out.

These electronic insect killer devices attract bugs, in fact almost any flying insect, from the area immediately around you and kill them instantly and painlessly.

Furthermore, the electronic insect killer does not use environmentally-damaging insecticide and consumes very little electricity, so you can use it for long periods of time without feeling guilty.

The electronic insect killer unit is silent and unobtrusive, only giving off a pleasing blue glow and a sharp ‘electronic zap’, when it eliminates an insect.

The electronic insect killer unit is especially effective against flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, midges and gnats, in fact, any insect that is attracted to light.

Electronic Bug Zapper

Electronic bug zapper devices like the Flowtron, usually look like a lantern. Some models are very stylish and give off a constant, pleasing glow. These electronic bug zapper units use about 15 watts of power at peak and so are not a strain on the environment or the budget.

They are protected against intrusion by larger animals such as birds and bats by a grill that is not electric.

It is best to hang the electronic bug zapper by its ring out of reach of children and pets because the charge is very shocking, although not deadly to humans. Suspended at 6-7 feet above the ground, it is in the perfect position to attract the bugs that annoy you and dispose of them quickly.

Sunbeam Bug Zapper

The Sunbeam bug zapper comes in several different models. Some models are outdoor cordless rechargeable bug zapper unit, while others are plug-in types. Some Sunbeam bug zapper units are very powerful at 40 watts.

They are predominantly of the hanging lantern type. This type of electronic insect killer eliminates mosquitoes and other flying insects for tens of yards around.

The rechargeable Sunbeam bug zapper is particularly useful for outdoor use away from a source of electricity, such as in the garden, camping or on a boat. It would be ideal for night fishing too. It gives off a pleasing, low-density blue glow and eliminates bugs instantly.

Hand Held Bug Zapper

The hand held bug zapper usually takes the form of a child’s plastic tennis racquet. It comes in several guises, some even have a fairly powerful light built in. They are all very powerful, but come with safety features too.

There are two types of hand held bug zapper, the battery and the rechargeable types. All of the hand held bug zappers, that I have seen, have a main on-off switch and another on-off button to power the zapping grill. So, the unit can be left off or on stand-by.

This cordless electric mosquito bug zapper is ideal if you are on the move, say walking in the evening or boating. A fully charged hand held bug zapper should work for about five days before it needs recharging.

Electronic Bug Killer

The term electronic bug killer is a blanket term used to give information on any bug-killing device that uses electricity. I use it mostly to describe the static electronic bug killer units you see in cake shops and delicatessens.

These units are more often than not hard-wired into the household electricity system and so are mains-powered. An electronic bug killer unit is meant to be fixed to the wall high up out of reach and is a very effective indoor electronic insect killer for one room or a porch.



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